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Technical Workshop with focus on methanol production with reduced CO2 footprint (Download flyer).

Viable power-to-methanol plants require proven electrolysis technology. At the 36th World Methanol Conference with IHS Markit, an overview of the technology is given by bse Engineering together with the market leaders of the respective process steps. HydrogenPro/THE will be represented as lecturer for electrolysis by Dr. Hans Jörg Fell.

This novel power-to-methanol technology can be used both for grid stabilising storage of volatile energy, and for optimisation of power plant operation. Thereby operational flexibility is increased. This represents new and attractive business opportunities for grid operators and power plant operators.

This workshop is targeting participants from new methanol business, power generation and/or carbon dioxide point sources. The added value of the methanol production is based on securing existing assets by improved economy from energy and mass streams, higher capacity utilization, energy storage in electricity balancing markets and diversification of the products.

Further information and registration at IHS Markit.