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HydrogenPro AS – HydrogenPro Ships World’s Biggest Electrolyser to Herøya, Norway

5 July 2022. – HydrogenPro shipped the world’s biggest electrolyser from Tianjin, China. The electrolyser is expected to arrive at our test facility at Herøya, Norway, this autumn, where it will be installed and tested. – We expect the results in Q3, says Richard Espeseth

Today, the world’s biggest electrolyser shipment left Tianjin harbour, and HydrogenPro expects it to arrive at our test facility at Herøya this autumn. This represents the first of many important milestones for the company in the coming quarters. After assembling and commissioning at Herøya, we will start a test run of the electrolyser.

The electrolyser is expected to have an output of 1100 Nm3/h hydrogen at normal current density. This equals 100 kg of pure hydrogen per hour, which will set a new standard for the industry. The test aims to verify that the electrolyser produces the expected amount of gas per unit of time. During the test, we will also use fluctuating electricity input from renewable energy sources and test several other parameters.

“We have confidence in our electrolyser technology and look forward to the test run. If the results are in line with what we have seen in smaller-scale testing, this will define a breakthrough for HydrogenPro and a proof-of-concept of our technology”, says Interim CEO Richard Espeseth.

The electrolyser is manufactured at HydrogenPro’s factory in Tianjin, China. The fabrication facility is expanding its production capacity to meet the requirements of HydrogenPro’s international customers and expects to increase the number of employees during the next quarters significantly. Jan-Henrik W. Kuhlefelt was appointed CEO of HydrogenPro Tianjin earlier this year and will lead the company from Tianjin during the exciting times ahead of us.

To the best of the Company’s knowledge, the electrolyser is the world’s biggest, with an output of 1100 Nm3/h at normal current density. The transport weight is more than 80 tonnes, and the electrolyser has a diameter of 2 meters.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Espeseth, Interim CEO,
Phone: +47 958 43 007

Jan-Henrik W. Kuhlefelt, CEO HydrogenPro Tianjin,
Phone: +86 13601006743 (China)

Jan-Henrik Kuhlefelt in front of the world’s biggest electrolyser.
Photo: HydrogenPro

Photo: HydrogenPro