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PORSGRUNN/DUISBURG, JUNE 15, 2023. HydrogenPro has opened a regional office in Duisburg, Germany. The official opening ceremony with the region’s customers, partners, and associations took place on June 14th.

HydrogenPro has shown tremendous growth since its listing in 2020 and is continuing to expand its global presence.

– Establishing a representative office in Germany marks a significant strategic expansion within Europe and a commitment to sustaining a positive impact, says Tarjei Johansen, CEO of HydrogenPro.

HydrogenPro is proud to manufacture the world’s largest high-pressure alkaline electrolyser, boosting a 5.5 MW capacity cell stack.

– We are now manufacturing electrolysers for a major project in the USA, with a total delivery of 220 MW of electrolyser capacity. We are confident in providing our customers with a cutting-edge product ready for sale also in the German market, Johansen adds.

The German government aims to achieve a 5 GW capacity of hydrogen electrolysers in the country by 2030 through its “National Hydrogen Strategy”.

– This presents promising growth opportunities, particularly in the refinery processes, chemical industry, steel industry, air and sea traffic, and heavy-duty traffic sectors, says Marc Jedamzik, Head of the Branch in Germany & Director of Sales in Central Europe.

Having a subsidiary in Germany is crucial to meet the needs and regulations of HydrogenPro’s customers and operators, and for being a reliable point of contact for them. Additionally, our objective is to expand our presence in Germany shortly, enabling us to offer our services for all project disciplines directly.