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HydrogenPro is pre-selected supplier as Airbus partners with DG Fuels to foster sustainable aviation fuel production in the US.


PORSGRUNN, SEPTEMBER 13, 2023. HydrogenPro’s collaborative partner, DG Fuels, announced on September 12th, that Airbus has become a strategic partner and investor in DG Fuels, LLC (“DGF”), an emerging leader in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

HydrogenPro is the preferred supplier to DG Fuels with a long-standing committed partnership for both parties.  HydrogenPro’s alkaline high-pressure electrolyser will be an important and integral part in DGF’s plant in a potential 500 million USD deal, excluding life cycle services.

“We congratulate DG Fuels with this important step towards finalizing its impressive and important plans to establish DG Fuels’ first SAF plant in the United States. DG Fuels is now even closer to the Final Investment Decision (FID), and we are pleased to be a part of this important journey” says Jarle Dragvik, CEO of HydrogenPro.

DGF’s plant aims to have an initial production capacity of 120 million US gallons (454 million litres) of SAF per year on average, which could save approximately 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually from 2026. HydrogenPro has been contracted as the supplier of electrolysers.

“The DGF team is excited to have finalised the investment and broader SAF partnership with Airbus,” commented Michael Darcy, Chairman and CEO at DG Fuels, and added “we look forward to working together to accelerate the initial SAF facility in Louisiana and the subsequent scale up at various locations in the United States and beyond.”

The investment by Airbus supports DG Fuels’ goal of launching the equity process and reaching a final investment decision (FID) on building DG Fuels’ first SAF plant in the United States. The decision would be expected by early 2024. In addition, in the frame of this strategic partnership, Airbus and DGF have agreed for a portion of the production of the first plant to be allocated to Airbus’ customers.