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Donna Rennemo

Board member

Donna Rennemo is a Norwegian based US citizen that has worked the last 11 years in WindSim AS, a leading provider and pioneer of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) based Wind Farm Design Tools (WFDT) utilized for the design of wind farms both onshore and offshore, first as CEO of WindSim Americas Inc. followed by WindSim AS, and CEO of WindSim Power Inc. since 2021. Prior to working within the renewable energy sector, Rennemo has spent several years working within the computer software industry in International Sales and Marketing capacities in companies including ASK/Proxima ASA, Trend Micro Inc and Statoil/NEL Hydrogen. She holds a bachelor’s honors degree from Cal State Fullerton, College of Business and Economics. She is married to a Norwegian and has two children who attend University in Norway.

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