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Resolved by the Board of Directors on 22 August 2022


As a public company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, we aim to provide investors, analysts and other financial stakeholders with extensive, relevant and up-to-date information. The goal is to form a true and fair picture of the company’s financial situation, and to support correct valuation and trade of the HydrogenPro AS (to be converted to a public limited liability company, and to be renamed “HydrogenPro ASA” (“HydrogenPro“) share.


Communication with shareholders, investors and analysts is a priority to HydrogenPro. The Company aims to ensure that the financial market and the shareholders have sufficient information about HydrogenPro to be certain that pricing reflects underlying values.

HydrogenPro will ensure impartial distribution of information and equal opportunities to access relevant information. The main communication channels are stock exchange releases, press releases and the company’s website.

The Company publishes financial results on a quarterly basis according to its financial calendar which is published annually on HydrogenPro’s website and on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Members of the executive management participate actively in dialogue with the financial market, while daily communication is handled by Investor Relations Officer.

The Investor Relations Officer shall ensure a high and uniform level of information and ensure that information is channeled back from the stock market to the executive management team and the Company’s Board of Directors.

Authorized spokespersons are as follows: The Chair of the Board, the CEO, the CFO. All information will be provided in English.


HydrogenPro will announce all contracts and relevant information that the Company deems relevant.

Contracts which are defined as inside information, as per HydrogenPro’s internal policy, shall be announced through the Oslo Stock Exchange under the category ‘Inside Information’.


HydrogenPro will comply with all laws and requirements for companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and, as a main rules, the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of March 1, 2021. Disclosure and reporting to the financial markets and contact with shareholders, investors and analysts shall be based on the following main principles:

i. Compliance with laws and regulations: All disclosure, communication and reporting shall be in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations from time to time, in particular the Norwegian Securities Trading Act, the Norwegian Accounting Act and Oslo Børs’ continuing obligations for listed companies. HydrogenPro shall also comply with the relevant recommendations and market practices for reporting financial and other investor relations information.

ii. Inside information: Unless exceptions apply and are invoked, HydrogenPro shall promptly disclose all inside information (as defined by the Norwegian Securities Trading Act).

iii. Language: All financial and other investor relations information shall be published in English.

iv. Information on value drivers: HydrogenPro shall publish accurate and relevant information about its historical earnings, operations, outlook and any other information that HydrogenPro has defined as significant and relevant for the shares. Such information shall be balanced and consistent over time.

v. Guiding: HydrogenPro shall not publish specific guiding on the Group’s future financial results. HydrogenPro operates in accordance with a set of financial and non-financial strategic targets established by the board of directors. These targets govern HydrogenPro’s operations within a defined strategic period.

vi. Information on the Company’s website: HydrogenPro shall comply with the principles of the IR Code in respect of disclosing information to shareholders and the market on the Company’s website as further set forth therein. HydrogenPro shall follow the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, including the code’s principles regarding transparency, equal treatment of shareholders and disclosure of relevant information. Information shall therefore be available on and other places where it is relevant.