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Our Targets

In the integrated report 2022, HydrogenPro presented several ambitions with relevance to environmental, social, and governance topics. We have made significant progress on some of our ambitions, while other initiatives are still yet to be launched. We will continue to strive towards reaching our ambitions, and report on our progress in a transparent and consistent matter.

Health and safety are essential for the success of HydrogenPro. One of our targets is to have less than the country average for short leave/overall leave. This applies for all our locations. Status for 2022 was 0.62% in Norway (4%), 0.01% in Denmark (4%) and 3.3% in China (4%). Country average in parenthesis.

It is our target to have zero accidents and work-related ill health at the company. In 2022 we had three recordable work-related injuries.

We aim to have the most cost-efficient green hydrogen production technology. Our target is to levelized cost of hydrogen at USD 1.2 per kg (assuming USD20/MWh). In 2022 the price was USD 1.4 pr. kg.

Our ambition is to contribute to global CO2 reduction. Our target is to reduce CO2 emissions with at least 1.5 million tons annually from our installed production capacity. In 2022 we had reduction of CO2 emissions with 127 000 tons from our installed production in 2022.

HydrogenPro aim to be the global leading provider of large-scale green hydrogen production solutions for industrial applications. Our target is >1 GW installed global production capacity by year-end 2023. Status for 2022 was 300 MW.