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Stakeholder dialogue

Representatives from the Board of Directors, executive management and key personnel from the organisation have worked together to identify and evaluate all potential stakeholders of the Company.

HydrogenPro engages with a wide range of stakeholders where we have our business today and where we seek to build strategic relations for the future. As a fast-growing company in a major industry, HydrogenPro strives to meet the rising expectations from our stakeholders and to be transparent across our value chain. Our stakeholders’ contributions continue to be an integrated part of the development of the Company. The views and interests from our stakeholders are considered when defining our material topics and focus areas, as well as potential impact on the economic, environmental, and social dimension. It is equally important for HydrogenPro to gain our shareholders’ understanding of our Company’s plans, circumstances, and constraints.


Employees are at the core of the HydrogenPro value creation, and we aim to build a strong company-culture aligning with our vision and values. To achieve our strategy, it is essential to attract, develop and retain talent. Our employees are on-boarded and trained according to the requirements for their role and are followed up on a regularly basis by their respective manager.


HydrogenPro emphasises the responsibility for creating long-term sustainable shareholder value. Led by the Investor Relation team, our company are available for both current and potential shareholders, as well as regular meetings with analysts and retail brokers. Our shareholders have the ability to influence our operations in Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings. We treat all shareholders equally and ensure that material information reaches the market through publishing stock exchange notices in accordance with local regulatory requirements.


Customers buy our products and solutions either directly, or indirectly through our partners. We engage with our customers through our Project and Key Account Management, both for specific project deliveries and general support. Customer involvement and feedback are a crucial asset to the optimisation of our operations, as we strive to develop and deliver products exceeding customer expectations. HydrogenPro aims to establish long-term symbiotic relations with our customers.


Suppliers provide HydrogenPro with a wide range of services and commodities, where cost, quality and reliable delivery constitute important priorities for our selection. We aim for carbon neutrality in our supply chain set-up, this includes initiatives regarding local sourcing of materials and products, emission reduction plans and the use of renewable energy. Supply chain involvements, screening and qualification processes are continuously monitored and revised accordingly. We work close to our suppliers to ensure that our Company standards are met throughout project deliveries and seek to maintain long-term relationships with those matching our growth objectives.


HydrogenPro engage in regular dialogue regarding engineering, manufacturing- and assembly facilities and projects to make sure all qualifications are met by different governments. Further, industry bodies work for the development of the industry as a whole, and grants are provided to certain projects. In 2022 HydrogenPro initiated talks with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), which resulted in the creation of a “National Hydrogen Alliance”. The Group included all key players throughout the hydrogen value chain. Initiated under the auspices of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), the work led to a proposal for a national hydrogen strategy. This was presented for the government in June 2023.


HydrogenPro is member of several strategic associations in the hydrogen industry such as Hydrogen Europe and Norsk Hydrogenforum. These differ from each other in the range of having either a local- or multinational focus. We believe joined efforts will be key to achieve industry goals, and HydrogenPro values the commitment from its industry peers and the importance of collaboration. Further, with presence in these arenas, HydrogenPro manages to build strategic relationships, promote our business and technology, as well as encourage favourable regulations and legislations for industry growth.

Local communities and stakeholders

HydrogenPro operates within local communities where we aim to have a positive social and environmental impact, aligning with the Company’s core objectives. Local Executive Management evaluates and initiates local stakeholder engagement and report back to the Bord of Directors. We engage through dialogue and collaboration with local universities and institutions, using both local talent and suppliers if suitable and possible. At our headquarters at Herøya, we have build an experienced and talented engineering environment.

In Denmark, our connection and engagement with Aarhus University Department of Biological & Chemical Engineering is a two-way positive impact collaboration. Students work at HydrogenPro for training and education, while contributing to our research, development, and operation. The University receives feedback and insights into the expertise required for our operations and HydrogenPro contributes to the development of local academics.